Olive Services



We are able help growers and processors, drawing on 20 years of experience, with practical advice and assistance to address issues such as: 

  • Tree variety selection
  • Irrigation layout and techniques
  • Tree management – fertiliser usage, control of pests and diseases, pruning, harvesting, etc. If needed, we can source additional specialist advice or (experienced) casual labour
  • Processing techniques and options – from tree to table.
  • Product testing – oil and table olives
  • Quality management and food safety requirements and certifications
  • Specialised equipment requirements e.g. we have developed a harvesting frame for small tractors.


With an extensive background in business and more than 10 years marketing and selling our own olive products we can help you with many of the practical issues of “commercialising” your venture. For example we can help with:

  • Product range choices
  • Brand development
  • Label design and production
  • Choice of sales channels and how best to access these.
  • Costing and pricing.
  • Promotional methods and support materials (including web based approaches).

Together with several other local growers we may consolidate oil or table olive production to achieve volumes that meet the needs of specific sales channels.